The truck rental platform.

Here to make truck rental a breeze, alongside a network of trusted fleet partners.


Easily find truck rental availabilities, when and where you need it.

We partner with trusted companies to help you find the best offers for your need, with all the related products and services you may want.

Quick and easy: on demand.

From search to reservation, we made sure it was just a few clicks, on any device.

The best deals, transparently.

Get accurate and timely information for you to make the best decision. No hidden fees.

From trusted fleet partners.

We partner with trusted companies to make sure you get quality service and products.

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The flexibility of a large vehicle, when and where needed.

Those who tried, were pleasantly surprised.

"I needed a box truck for a day to move apartment and couldn't find which company had availabilities for me... I used the first version of Upper, it made the search and booking process extremely easy."
Beta user
"I needed a vehicle big enough to bring my new sofa home. I wasn't sure what size of vehicle was best as well as where and when I could get it. Upper made that process a breeze."
Beta user
"We needed 5 cargovans for three weeks to allow our sales team to carry our products throughout our distribution network. Upper saved us hours in phone calls and allowed us to quickly understand our options to make a smart decision."
Beverage Company
Logistics team
"I regularly need to rent box trucks to transport material from my construction sites to the eco-centre. It's always in a different neighbourhood, Upper allows me to book the best deal from the closest company every time"
Construction Company